“Help, Share and Learn is our mission

Some of projects we develop are: Cultural Rescue for enhance identity, Organic Home Gardens, Ancestral Medicine, and more…  All of this is part of our “Share + Learn” System. 
Vivientes – The Living Project  –aims to restablish the relation between local community members and a more sustainable way of live, giving them knowledge to generate new ideas and abilities to empower themselves.

Adventure with us   Community Projects

[ The System]

The Share and Learn  Principle

… This unique program is not just about helping while you are here, it is about creating a contribution for the long term .

“Share + Learn” allows each participant to contribute their own unique skills and perspective.  Because everyone is working from their strengths, the progress of the project is dynamic and rapid.

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 Remember 😉 staying with us is about “Help, Share & Learn” is not conventional volunteering or social tourism, is about find the best of each one to create an impact on local Ecuador communities.

{ Short Volunteer }

Spend feww days learing about our project by helping us on our development goals and dayli activities.



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{ Full program }

Join us in a full immersive adventure.
Share , Help and Learn  for a full week!


[ The program ]

There is a lot of joy and learning of staying with us. Not only the immersion experience with local culture, but also the opportunity to enjoy surroundings, learn new skills and life on an amazing camping facility.

{ Activities }

Why is awesome to be here?
We are located nearby a lot of places and centers where you can enjoy and explore taking advantage of your travel.

What you can do?


{ Lodging }

Camping experience

Vivientes is a two location project, we travel between stations every week from the beach to deep into the mountains.
Life the experience of staying on the “Camping tree house” a camping experience with all the services of your home .

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[community empowerment]

See more about the daily work on the blog.

{ Forbidden Education & Creativity Labs }

tick_64-1  Teaching through Art & Storytelling
tick_64-1  Local Culture as a tool for learning & inspiring :  dynamic Games
tick_64-1  Teaching with new media & augmented reality

{ Nature & Outdoors }

tick_64-1  Organic Gardens & Medicinal Crops, how to do landscaping and be food sustainable.
tick_64-1  Ancestral & Organic Meals – History, Story and Cooking
 Landscaping with local materials – permaculture

{ Handicraft & Building related }

tick_64-1  Rurrana – Living Creation; Design and promotion of local products.
tick_64-1  Sustainable housing – Build smart and cheap with local materials.
tick_64-1  Enhence of ancestral materials and techniques.

[ Locations ]


   ECUADOR – Sta Elena Province

+593 984792454

Montains of Dos Mangas Town, 5Km away from Manglaralto & Montañita Beach
Hills of San Vicente Dam & Community, Deep into the “Chongón Colonche” Mountains Line.

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First and third monday of each month




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