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Rurrana brand

Rurrana – Creaciones Vivientes (Living Creations) is the name of the creative workshop we have on this project. Rurrana, as a Kichua word, which means hard work or a hardworking person. This workshop is very important for us, for the project and for the community. This is because it gives us knowledge and tools to develop new income resources and is also a way to have fun and practice self-development for the community members.

Team Rurrana
At the beginning we introduce designs with general topics but now we merge the modern with the ancient culture and incorporate native graphics and history in the art-work.
Rurrana on his essence is a wood workshop. In fact it is a recycled material workshop. We use pallets, old wasted wood and other resources to make the furniture and accesories. The goal is not only to make the stuff, but actually incorporate some values in daily life, like recycling, organizing, sharing ,community work, and more.

Rurrana - working with the youth

We also incorporate modern materials like printing, vynil and other materials. Is all about the mixing of the moderns and the old practices and to rescue or share with the community the both practices.

Rurrana work

Stencil Workshop

See the galery below to view more of our work or visit Rurrana’s Facebook Page

GALLERY: Working with Rurrana

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Some of our finish work

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