Adventure with us!

… on a cultural fun experience

An INMERTION experience that allows you to learn new skills, share moments and help the community.

—- You have never been so involved on a foregein culture  before. —-



¿What will I get  from “Vivientes” experience?

tick_64-1  Cultural and Language Support. (avaliable on English & German)
tick_64-1  Learn, practice and develop skills during your stay.
tick_64-1 Discover amazing ancestral and local storys with everyday activity.
tick_64-1 Involve deaply on project acitities and inmertion experience.
tick_64-1 Reconnect with nature on a new and healling way.
tick_64-1 Safe way of getting out of your confort zone.
tick_64-1 Inspirational activities, find out more about yourself and projection.
tick_64-1 Help the commmunity with every action.
tick_64-1 Support all the Children and Mothers involved on the Vivientes Social Project.
tick_64-1 Support yourself getting all the experience and knowleadge of Vivientes Project.

¿Want to know more or prepared for your trip?

Suscribe now and get an small guide about backpacking for social and adventure travel for free






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