Share & Learn – Inmertion Helping experience

Be a Part of  Something Bigger

… This unique program is not just about helping while you are here, it is about creating a contribution for the long term .


The Vivientes “Share + Learn” System:

“Share + Learn” allows each intern to contribute their own unique skills and perspective.  Because everyone is working from their strengths, the progress of the project is dynamic and rapid.  Further, Vivientes provides each intern with a full experience of the local community, life in Ecuador, environment, culture, and history. Interns are expected to participate together in the learning process and to support one another.  These opportunites enrich the intern´s experience and allows for a deeper contribution to the project.

The Vivientes “Share + Learn” System allows interns  to contribute to the developent of low resource communities while learning and improving skills for their own lives

—- We work with small groups of  3 to 6 persons.  These small groups allow us to specifically focus and give personalized attention to be sure you are getting the most out of the program. —-

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First Lesson: Overview – Learn about the project´s concept and goals.

Here, you will learn about the actual situation of the communities. You will also learn about the needs of the children who live in these communities. These children are part of the project´s main focus.

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//…Right when you arrive at the camp you will receive an overview of the project´s goals and your responsibilities.  At this point we will also have a question and answer period.  Of course, we will get to know each other a bit and introduce the interns to one another! //


tick_64-1Second Lesson: Learn about the primary Project Areas –

The Primary Project Areas: Teaching, Language, History and Cultural Rescue, Building with Indigenous Materials

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//After getting to know each one of the interns and their skills and goals for the project, now is the time to learn about the primary “project areas” …//


tick_64-1Third Lesson: Area selection and development- Now is time to select the project area tht is your primary focus.  At this point we will coordinate with you to determine your approach.  Don´t worry, the process is dynamic and you will have freedom to develop your unique focus.  Importantly, we will give you support every step of the way to empower you reach your internship project goals.

tick_64-1 Interactive Teaching through Art, Games, Storytelling, Technology 

tick_64-1Building with indigenous materials such as Bamboo, Wood, Earth

tick_64-1Organic farming, gardens and landscaping


// .. While you do choose your primary objective, you will still participate in the teaching of the children and are expected to help support the other interns in their projects as well

tick_64-1Keep working: The last touches of your project are important- …


// All projects are documented and completed to a professional level of quality.  For example, teaching projects require documented lesson plans that consist of the teaching objectives, actual lesson plan, visual aids, and a reflection (we use Google docs to make things easy) ..//

tick_64-1First Implementation – try out your lesson plan with children at a nearby community such as Manglar Alto! …


// ..Nothing can describe seeing all of your effort come to fruition! You will feel quite proud to see and hear the joy of the children.  Even if teaching or working with children is not your primary objective, you will be supporting your peers.  This is a very gratifying experience!//

tick_64-1Time for a Reflection of your first lesson– …


// All interns will write a reflection of the first lesson and how it went.  Here, you can mention the positives and any areas which need adjustement or further work ..//

tick_64-1Second Implementation-  visiting the poorest community to teach – …



// This is San Vicente, a small town in the desert.  At each site interns will team up for lessons, providing more than one lesson for each community visit. There will be time for individual engagement of students as well as unstructured play.  The visit is fun for everyone.  Here, we implemented lessons relating to Ecuador´s ancestral history.  We used games, visual aids, demonstrations, and English language interation as tools.//


Time for reflection– …

// …//

tick_64-1Documentation on Google Drive –  …

// At this point, interns upload their internship work to the Google Drive. This provides us with access to your work in the future.  Further, your work will be shared with teachers in Ecuador. Importantly, after your internship is over, your work will continue to benefit the commmunity. …//


tick_64-1Thanks! – For comming and help the community

vivientes san vicente low-5003

// …//

tick_64-1Further application! – Your effort will still with us. being part of the Viviente’s teaching curriculum helping children  and helping them for their wellbeing. The lesson is saved on the drive.