Party! for beginning of Vivientes San Vicente building

Today we gather Vivientes staff and friends to the Party in commemoration of the beginning of San Vicente construction for the scientific station. It was a great day, we prepare the tools for the construction, the needless for sewing the fishing net and we plant a camote tree. Now we are ready to start tomorrow while … Continue reading Party! for beginning of Vivientes San Vicente building

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Share & Learn – Inmertion Helping experience

Be a Part of  Something Bigger … This unique program is not just about helping while you are here, it is about creating a contribution for the long term .   The Vivientes "Share + Learn" System: "Share + Learn" allows each intern to contribute their own unique skills and perspective.  Because everyone is working … Continue reading Share & Learn – Inmertion Helping experience

Living Knowleadge [Conocimiento Viviente]

Living Knowledge" is a model that generates a network with the aim of contributing to the development and entrepreneurship in rural communities. It is one of the axes of development of a larger project called "Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes" (Living). Living Knowledge is a network between professionals, volunteers and community members, allowing access to … Continue reading Living Knowleadge [Conocimiento Viviente]

Living Sport / Deporte Viviente

Deporte Viviente - Entrenamiento comunitario (Living sport - Community training) This is the community gym we developed to give the young a chance to get fit and entertain themselves. It is also a way to prevent the use of drugs and other destructive activities in the community. We encourage young people to enter in crossfit … Continue reading Living Sport / Deporte Viviente


Big changes do not belong exclusively to the first world are intrinsically linked to the needs of man and his environment. Fernando León Carlos Nino Homes, Places and Living Schools copyright rights IEPI certificate: 1784 -  001785 Los grandes cambios no le pertenecen en exclusiva al primer mundo están intrínsecamente ligados a las necesidades … Continue reading IEPI