[community empowerment]

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{ Forbidden Education & Creativity Labs }

tick_64-1  Teaching through Art & Storytelling
tick_64-1  Local Culture as a tool for learning & inspiring :  dynamic Games
tick_64-1  Teaching with new media & augmented reality

{ Nature & Outdoors }

tick_64-1  Organic Gardens & Medicinal Crops, how to do landscaping and be food sustainable.
tick_64-1  Ancestral & Organic Meals – History, Story and Cooking
 Landscaping with local materials – permaculture

{ Handicraft & Building related }

tick_64-1  Rurrana – Living Creation; Design and promotion of local products.
tick_64-1  Sustainable housing – Build smart and cheap with local materials.
tick_64-1  Enhence of ancestral materials and techniques.