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Now we are developing the project in a new community! It is near a lake but far from the main cities and coastal towns. The community is deep in the mountains, we travel from Dos Mangas Station to the community once or twice per week.
The Master Plan for the community is to BUILD a Scientific Station, to host volunteers, interns and professionals to TEACH AND SHARE knowledge with the local people while preserving Vivientes values.


Vivientes goals on the community:
– Preserve the land, the way of life and spirit.
– Rescue of ancestral identity
– Give strength to the next generation
– Respect to the elders
– Teach Self-sustaining options
– Teach about nutrition and sports.

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Adventure with us!

… on a cultural fun experience

An INMERTION experience that allows you to learn new skills, share moments and help the community.

—- You have never been so involved on a foregein culture  before. —-



¿What will I get  from “Vivientes” experience?

tick_64-1  Cultural and Language Support. (avaliable on English & German)
tick_64-1  Learn, practice and develop skills during your stay.
tick_64-1 Discover amazing ancestral and local storys with everyday activity.
tick_64-1 Involve deaply on project acitities and inmertion experience.
tick_64-1 Reconnect with nature on a new and healling way.
tick_64-1 Safe way of getting out of your confort zone.
tick_64-1 Inspirational activities, find out more about yourself and projection.
tick_64-1 Help the commmunity with every action.
tick_64-1 Support all the Children and Mothers involved on the Vivientes Social Project.
tick_64-1 Support yourself getting all the experience and knowleadge of Vivientes Project.

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Join interships

Living Station – Dos Mangas

It is located within a rural area by the mountains and just 6 km from the Manglaralto beach (5 min by car or 15 min by bicycle). The base is also near the other internationally known beaches of Montañita and Olón.

This station is where the staff and volunteers prepare and train for the project. We teach the basics on how to interact and work with the community. We also host interactive workshops for a “Living” lifestyle, that include fitness, nutrition, promoting an economy for the common good, and handicrafts.


In this Living Station we have…

– A bamboo building with a wood & bamboo workshop (Rurrana), a guest place and an enclosed balcony with a beautiful landscape.

– This place is without walls to connect with the surrounding nature. It is a place where we prepare for the social work for the community.


Services on Station:
– Gym  Access
– Hot Water
– Bathroom
– Internet
– Wood & Bamboo Workshop access.
– Bicycles

Service nearby:
– Horseback riding
– Internet cafe
– Restaurant
– Grocery store
– Nature Reserve
– Beach

joinGo to the  Volunteer / Intership label to learn more about the join opportunities.

Success! Data de Posorja 360º

The project was carried out in an ancestral community called “Data de Posorja”. In 2.5 month we changed the community entirely. Check the vídeo for more!


In the video are testimonials of commune members and a summary of the diverse activities and the various areas of development.

WEB-TYN-03You can also check the facebook page “Comuna Data de Posorja” [Only Spanish] where you can see STEP BY STEP, the progress we made in the commune.

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Development areas created << See below the photo gallery >>

  • Communitary GYM
  • Huancavilcas Museum
  • Ancestral Fishing on Huancavilca’s rafts
  • Community Ghest Room
  • Medical station.
  • Wood workshop (Rurran by CPEV)
  • ONG’s and Governmental alliances.
  • Cultural rescue – Folkloric dance and Shaman practices
  • English Lessons with international teachers
  • Much more!

See the photos below that summarise part of the project on the commune and click to see more information. Go to the facebook page for more photos.

Living Knowleadge [Conocimiento Viviente]

Living Knowledge” is a model that generates a network with the aim of contributing to the development and entrepreneurship in rural communities. It is one of the axes of development of a larger project called “Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes” (Living).


Living Knowledge is a network between professionals, volunteers and community members, allowing access to information for the successful development of projects in a specific community, avoiding economic, social and geographical boundaries.


Virtual classroom tools, remote supervision and filtered research are some off the tools we use to optimizing the impact of the project. Allowing education and intercultural interaction with domestic and foreign trainers.


If you are interested in joining the network, please fill the form below.

*All the information is private and we use it only to put in contact with you if we need specific information on your area.
You will also receive a newsletter of the projects in development so you can contact us too.

Living Sport / Deporte Viviente


Deporte Viviente – Entrenamiento comunitario (Living sport – Community training)

This is the community gym we developed to give the young a chance to get fit and entertain themselves.
It is also a way to prevent the use of drugs and other destructive activities in the community.
We encourage young people to enter in crossfit competitions, 5K running competitions etc. to represent their community.

Rurrana – Living Creations

Rurrana brand

Rurrana – Creaciones Vivientes (Living Creations) is the name of the creative workshop we have on this project. Rurrana, as a Kichua word, which means hard work or a hardworking person. This workshop is very important for us, for the project and for the community. This is because it gives us knowledge and tools to develop new income resources and is also a way to have fun and practice self-development for the community members.

Team Rurrana
At the beginning we introduce designs with general topics but now we merge the modern with the ancient culture and incorporate native graphics and history in the art-work.
Rurrana on his essence is a wood workshop. In fact it is a recycled material workshop. We use pallets, old wasted wood and other resources to make the furniture and accesories. The goal is not only to make the stuff, but actually incorporate some values in daily life, like recycling, organizing, sharing ,community work, and more.

Rurrana - working with the youth

We also incorporate modern materials like printing, vynil and other materials. Is all about the mixing of the moderns and the old practices and to rescue or share with the community the both practices.

Rurrana work

Stencil Workshop

See the galery below to view more of our work or visit Rurrana’s Facebook Page


GALLERY: Working with Rurrana

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Some of our finish work