Research internship

Research Intership:

The Living Project (Vivientes) is not only a social project full of love and good intentions, but rather we are proud of being one of the few social actions that involve academic content and connections on a daily basis.
{This means we not only use our hands and hearts but also our brains to create real solutions to everyday problems.}
We create the”Living Labs” ( Laboratorio Vivientes) to develop research, test results until the final application in the communities.
The following internship positions, not only require a basic of skill or understanding on the subject you are applying for, but also a high level of commitment to experience the real mixture between the theory and practice.


We have several places open for internships. We do not require a previous internship or a wide knowledge for application. The most important thing for us is commitment and a willingness to contribute and learn. We have vast experience to share with you that will contribute to your development on the project.
This program is best suited for young professionals, who are having a study break or have finished with their studies that want to gain some work experience, travel, learn and contribute to a cause.


Examples of an Internship month with Vivientes :

We divide internship activity’s within: research, aplication and free time.

Research in the community about a certain need including learning about the people, the environment, history, legends, cultural background , etc… AND workshops on the Dos Mangas Station given by Vivientes staff, where you are going to learn about a subject (for example: learn about permaculture, pedagogy, design, woodcraft, etc..) and ways of resolving local problems.

The research stage is one of the most important, because it is where we build the “know-how” of a certain solution. It would be the most exciting for you, because you will be working on it with us, not only following our lead.  The research is supported and co-worked with several universities of Ecuador.

During the research we apply a demo of the project on the Dos Mangas Station, to test results and make adjustments. After this stage we begin to apply it on the Vivientes lab on the community. This is great!, because you will actually see the development of the project.

On the other hand the interns have free time on the schedule, that you can use as freely as you want. We can suggest activities with us or you can travel to the nearby town for activities such as horse riding, trekking, surfing, biking, crossfit, functional training, an so on.


Join unconventional intership projects

We develop several projects at a time, some of them are:

  • Teaching English through storytelling of native tales.
  • Community museum: Rescue of ancestral culture of daily life objects.
  • Sustainable building and home gardening with local, natural materials.
  • Guayas Ecosystem: Empowerment and technology application (Azolla, Permaculture, sustainable and emergency building, endemik material, natural risk management (Fenomeno “El Niño”)
  • Much more!

You send us your resume/CV and we can give you more detailed information about the projects that might best suit you.
Also, if you are writing your thesis we can match it with some of our project. In that case send us the subject and abstract of your thesis.

Short or Long internships? Easy or Hard projects?
The internships has a minimum of one month and the level of complexity of the research and project is suited to your CV, it means that the tasks are not the same for a master holder compared to a first year college student. The time you are able to spend with us are also considered.

For any Internship you don’t requiere Spanish.

We have cooperation with:

Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) – PhD. Mariano Montaño – Ecosistema Guayas.
Universidad Santa María – Data de Posorja 360º
Universidad Agraria – Data de Posorja 360ª, Greenhouse research Dos Mangas.

Watch our Video! To learn more about us:



For more detail of the internship send us a mail to, with the subject: “Vivientes, Intership” incluiding your CV or resume (Pdf or Online Link), as well a paragraf about yourself, travel dates and what kind of intership you are searching for, . We will send you the detail of the programs that best suits to you.

$250 per two weeks. Basically, this is a typical unpaid internship that requires you to pay for housing (included in the cost), but also includes a donation to a keep the project working.

Remember projects developed on the interships are in benefict of the community. If you believe in what we are doing, and want to be a part of it, please apply.
For any Internship you don’t requiere Spanish.

*Does not include airfare (check out for cheap flights)

Your $250 Donation Covers:
Housing (shared room with up to three other interns on the tree camping house –> check link)
24/7 access to our Rurrana Workshop
Home Gym access
Bike for transport
Chance to improve or learn Spanish
Invaluable international experience
Capacitation on the field of work
On shedule, activitys of research and travel to community.

**At the end of your term we will provide you with a letter of recommendation & detail of intership project and guaranteed support in future endeavors (reference for grad school, a job, etc.)