Why to Volunteer / Intern with us

Service Learning

You have a great skill and you want to share it with us?

Be aware of the Participation activities, maybe we will need you.


We open some calls during the year to special events (Mingas) to gather everyone you are willing to fulfill a goal.

General points about Volunteers for Collaboration Activities.

  • Volunteers position are from 1 day up to 1 week.
  • This position are for skilled professional.
  • This are LAST MINUTE calls. This means you can´t reserve your spot until 2 weeks in advance.
  • We ask an optional $30 Volunteer fee for Water and maintenance expenses.
  • Depending of the Task we can offer also free accommodation.
  • We do NOT include Food for Volunteers.

Difference Between Internship & Volunteering?

Internship programs are for everyone willing to learn from us.  The program allows you to help the community while learning from the diverse workshops we offer. Internships requieres a fee that includes housing, half-food meal plan, workshops material & travel between different stations, communities and fun places. Internships also offer a certificate of joining the project. Your contribution also makes affordable travel to the 2nd Station in San Vicente Community, where is much more poverty and need more our contribution.

On the other hand Volunteers come to the “Acclimation station” only to  fulfill an specific task, this means you will be selected due your skills, background and experience, the Volunteers don’t include trips and the exploring of the surroundings you will have to do it by your own.  The Travel to the diverse points and to the San Vicente Community (where is the 2nd station and the school project) usually is not archivable.

There is a lot of joy and learning of staying with us. Not only the immersion experience with local culture, but also the opportunity to enjoy surroundings, learn new skills and life on an amazing camping facility while making a true impact on the community.




Community empowerment with Vivientes is the combination of 3 main missions to guarantee the development in rural communities on the coast of Santa elena Province.


The key of Vivientes work are:

  • Complementary education
  • Good Nutrition and organic production
  • Cultural Rescue & values



We work with several towns from the coast of Santa Elena, this programs will allow you to visit several places, see awesome landscapes and meet a variety of people and activities.


The most important for us is that our working methods is not only Help others, we use the Service Learing philosoty, that means that ALL the activities have to be realeted to a topic of interest and a skill /knowleadge that will be usefull for you after the stay with us.



Expected Tasks While Volunteering:

  • Teaching through art & storytelling (children & youth)
  • Manufacture of bamboo music instruments
  • Involve on ancestral inspired Handicraft design and manufacturing
  • Work on production and organization of organic garden
  • Teach Yoga classes, music, dance; paint etc.
  • Build with bamboo
  • Record content for the Cultural library (movies, audio, photos, draws)
  • Language exchange. Share English learn Spanish. (private tutoring available)



The Volunteer Perfect for this Program:
– People who likes work with children

– People that want to learn and improve themselves

– People that want to get involve with community activities

– People that love outdoors

– Anyone who loves the hot weather, beach and countryside life.



Price :
– $400 USD per month
– $350 USD three weeks
– $250 USD two weeks
– $150 USD one week


*Prices are in $ (US dollars) as it’s Ecuador national currency.

Get free nights as volunteer


Price Includes:
– 24/7 support during the program

–  Trainee session of the develop área of your chose

– Lodging in the Project facilities from Dos Mangas Station near Montañira
– Contribution to the Foundation
– A Work & Volunteering Recommendation Letter


Minimum Time Spent Volunteering:
– 1 Week Minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)

Other Questions? see our FAQ