Station – Dos Mangas

It is located within a rural area by the mountains and just 6 km from the Manglaralto beach (5 min by car or 15 min by bicycle). The base is also near the other internationally known beaches of Montañita and Olón.

This station is where the staff and volunteers prepare and train for the project. We teach the basics on how to interact and work with the community. We also host interactive workshops for a “Living” lifestyle, that include fitness, nutrition, promoting an economy for the common good, and handicrafts.


In this Living Station we have…

– A bamboo building with a wood & bamboo workshop (Rurrana), a guest place and an enclosed balcony with a beautiful landscape.

– This place is without walls to connect with the surrounding nature. It is a place where we prepare for the social work for the community.


Services on Station:
– Gym  Access
– Hot Water
– Bathroom
– Internet (Only on server Computer)
– Wood & Bamboo Workshop access.
– Bicycles (Contribution, $10 per week – only interns)
– Personal Training Program $10 (on market valued on $60)
– Personal Training Support $10 per week (on market valued on $100)

Service nearby:
– Horseback riding
– Internet cafe
– Restaurant
– Grocery store
– Nature Reserve
– Beach

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