Thanks to everyone that has been part of this adventure. Below you can see everyones testimony and a link of the main source where they post it.

Thanks to everyone for joining us!



I will always look back on my time with you with  a smile

How can I began to Thank you! not only for the opportunity to volunteer and make the difference in children’s lives, but for so selflessly taking me under your wings.  You both have crated such a truly healing space here, and I have learnt so much about myself and grown in many ways.

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Sophie from AUS

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Have the best experience in Ecuador

Karen and Nando, two lovely, kind and hardworking people, have built a bamboo house in such an amazing nature and have a really interesting and healthy life in Moñtanita. They work with different communities in Moñtanita and Ecuador with children! I stayed with them for a week and can’t forget all the great days and  my lovely moments with the kids!

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Melika from Iran @melliiic

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I had such a great week with Vivientes project,
I just wish I could have stayed for longer.

 I felt really at home in their little treehouse, which is so beautifully constructed and so cosy. All the other volunteers & interns formed a real bond and we had a lot of fun cooking, working and talking together.

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Shil Pa from UK

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Working with Nando and Karen has been a great
learning experience on MANY different levels.

I would recommend that volunteers who select this work away be volunteers who are ready to WORK and to LEARN. This is a volunteer where you are expected to work on a project to project basis – but Karen & Nando are fair with their programme and gave ample time for us to visit surrounding touristic sights such as Playa Rosada and Montanita. The equipment at this worksite is phenomenal,


‎Bradley Palmer‎ from AUS

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My experience with Vivientes was very different
because of the variety of things you are able to do.

I was teaching English at 3 nearby comunas. The kids were really enthusiastic and lovely, and it was a good chance to get to know the local culture.

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Leah from USA

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“A short but sweet experience which I hope to return to very soon!

The most important thing in volunteering is having a good team and this one couldnt be much better. Its incredible working with the children seeing them open up and want to get to know you and learn your language as well as you learn theres. I highly recommend anyone to volunteer here as you will have a great time, learn a lot, and experience a different side of Ecuador.”


Scotty Gatrell From MEX

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Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Here is one of our “perfect days” at the station.  We want to share a bit of our happiness and an example of a typical  day. 

—- Journal entry from a travel day to the community of San Vicente.

Teaching volunteers:  Louisa (UK), Amelie, Nathaniel & Jacob (USA). —-



Louisa (UK), Amelie, Nathaniel & Jacob (USA)