Melika from Iran @melliiic

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Have the best experience in Ecuador

Karen and Nando, two lovely, kind and hardworking people, have built a bamboo house in such an amazing nature and have a really interesting and healthy life in Moñtanita. They work with different communities in Moñtanita and Ecuador with children! I stayed with them for a week and can’t forget all the great days and  my lovely moments with the kids!

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Captura de pantalla 2018-08-02 a las 21.02.05I loved it that I had to plan the class by myself and even with not knowing any Spanish, I had so much fun with the kids! Just go there and have the best experience ever in Ecuador! You will definitely love it!
I really love u guys and hope to see you again one day!

Muchas Gracias,

Melika from Iran [link]


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I didn’t know their language! But they where really smart and we really enjoyed our time together! [Instagram Post link @@melliiic ]
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@vivientes_org Thank U for this wonderful and unforgettable experience! ^_^ [instagram post link]

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