{ Short Volunteer }

Spend feww days learing about our project by helping us on our development goals and dayli activities.


Every stay with us is about developing something to improve the livestyle of the community while exploring your own potencial while doing it

What is a day adventure with us?

A day adventure is a to be part of one of our Viviente’s project for one day. On that journey you will learn about our mission and vision, the acclimatate station and be part of one of our workshop (Link here).

On the workshop you will not only attend to a class, is an immertion experience on with you will learn about the story and implementation of them on the communities and how it helps to reach development and self sustentability.

What we do?

Our experience is divided on the visit to the Acclimatation Station Camping House facility, The Workshops and the leisure activities from community tourism.

You can see all of them on the following page:

The Program