Camping experience

Vivientes is a two location project, we travel between stations every week from the beach to deep into the mountains.
Life the experience of staying on the “Camping tree house” a camping experience with all the services of your home .

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The Stations

captura-de-pantalla-2017-02-17-a-las-22-35-36We work with several communities across the coast of Ecuador, due that we have TWO Stations to make possible a better work and a deeper interaction with the communities.

We have our Acclimatate Station, located in the surroundings of a touristic area. This station has access and equipied to supply all needs and is propouse is to make you confortable and prepare for the expedition to the San Vicente community.

On the other hand the Scientific station are located more deep into the mountains, where the people do a more simple living surrounded by  nature. The community is  part of the “Guancavilca´s culture tradition”  near the “Chongon Colonche Mountains” , the “San Vicente Dam” and agriculture production.

Everyone  that stays with us visit & stay on both station.
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arrow1-down-512-copia-2 The Acclimatation Station  


To our project visit people for all over the world from the most diverse lifestyles, careers and backgrounds.  To make possible to everyone get the most of the experience and enjoy the most of this outdoor experience we create the acclimatation station. To prepare for the expedition to the more low access communities, creating a soft transition between the life on the cities and a more simple way of living.

How looks like to stay on the camping house?

As is name said, is a camping experience with the services of a house. It means you will have access to beds, pillows, hot water, a Kitchen, bathroom, electricity, landscape, etc.. but it does not change that it was designed to make you feel an outdoor experience.

You will hear the birds  & animals of the natural reserve next to the station, wake up wit the sunrise,  feel the breeze and maybe a bit of rain on the balcony. Is not like an hotel, is a  new experience you will enjoy a lot.

Facilities & Services

Service on Station

Service nearby

Gym  Access

Horseback riding

Hot Water + Bathroom




Internet (Wifi)

Grocery store

Art ,Wood & Bamboo Workshop.

Nature Reserve

Bicycles  ATM

Surroundings / Landscaping / Location

captura-de-pantalla-2017-02-17-a-las-22-36-17The Acclimatation Station is located between Dos Mangas Town and Manglaralto. 6 Km away from the beach and 1Km away from Dos Mangas Town and his natural reserve.
You can get a cab for 50 cent to ride you to any of them. On the road there are some interesting places and activities to visit that you can see here

From Manglaralto you can make a 15 min walk through the beach to reach Montañita, a touristic town very popular worldwide.

arrow1-down-512-copia-2  The Scientific station:


The Scientific Station is where things get done!, we implement all the projects that were developed on the  Acclimatate station. On the the Scientific Station we work with 40 children and his families to make a true impact on their lives. Remember that due this community is located in a low access area our help is much more valuable and his a big responsibility to make it count.

How is doing the expedition to the Scientific Station community?

The landscape of this area is incredible, but also the poverty due the lack of knowledge is visible. Visit the station is doing an expedition like an explorer, we will reach a camping area on the station where you can also meet the community members.
Going to the community e is an adventure of exploring, we will spend the afternoon with the children and then go to the camping area for doing a scout firepit for cooking  and learning more about survival skills.

Surroundings / Landscaping / Location


This area is located deeply on the “Chongon Colonche Mountains” we take 1 hour drive from Manglaralto to reach a beautiful Dam & Valley  where the “Guancavilca Culture” lives once.

Is a nice place to explore and learn how a true rural town of Ecuador looks like, without the influence of the tourism and commerciality of big cities.  Is very peaceful and enjoyfull. The station is located on the path to a natural viewpoint and next to the ecopark project.