Vivientes Station

The GLAMPING Experience

captura-de-pantalla-2017-02-17-a-las-22-35-36We work with several communities across the coast of Ecuador, due that we have TWO Stations to make possible a better work and a deeper interaction with the communities.

We have our Acclimate Station, located in the surroundings of a touristic area. This station has access and equipped to supply all needs and is proposing is to make you comfortable and prepare for work will the nearby communities.

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On the other hand, the  Adventure Scientific station are located more deep into the mountains. This station is under construction on a community located on the deep of “Chongon Colonche Mountain”… The Goal is to finish the school construction here. We organise special excursion to teach there 1 or 2 times per month.

All volunteers, interns  & staff sleep and work on the Acclimate Station –  Dos Mangas. From there we take the Car, Bicycle or horse to reach nearby communities to teach and contribute!

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The Vivientes – Dos Mangas Station is located in between of Dos Mangas Communities Mountain reserve [view Map] and Manglaralto Beach.
Dos Mangas Town is located 1 mile away from Vivientes.
Manglaralto Beach is located 5Km away(… or 1 Km more to Montañita Touristic Beach)

You can access easy to any of this place by Walk, Run, Bike, Horse, Taxi or a Local Bus for 50 cent… they go by every 15 min.

Landscape view from Vivientes Station – Dos Mangas

How looks like to stay on the camping house?

Camping House, is a GLAMPING facility

As is name said, is a camping experience with the services of a house. It means you will have access to beds, pillows, hot water, a Kitchen, bathroom, electricity, landscape, Wifi, etc.. but it does not change that it was designed to make you feel an outdoor experience.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-07 a las 12.31.40
Inside the Camping tree house.
When we just finished building it.
Mosquito net, comfort sleeping, electricity & Wifi in an awesome Glamping space

You will hear the birds  & animals of the natural reserve next to the station, wake up wit the sunrise,  feel the breeze and maybe a bit of rain on the balcony. Is not like an hotel, is a  new experience you will enjoy a lot.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-28 a las 20.57.36
The “Camping Room” was created for long-term stays, is also a glamping facility but more private.

To our project visit people for all over the world from the most diverse lifestyles, careers and backgrounds.  To make possible to everyone get the most of the experience and enjoy the most of this outdoor experience we create the acclimatation station. To prepare for the expedition to the more low access communities, creating a soft transition between the life on the cities and a more simple way of living.

Facilities & Services

Services in GLAMPING Station:

Service nearby:
Internet + WIFI Mountains Landspace |ATM
Hot Water on Tree shower Shared Kitchen |Internet cafe
Western Bathroom
(is NOT an ecological one)
Security |Restaurants & Grocery stores
Outdoor Gym
( Crossfit Weights + Functional Training)
Art, Wood & Bamboo Workshops
(machines & supplys upon request & rules of use)
|Horse riding or hikking to natural reserve & waterfalls
Yoga terrace
( Yoga + PoleDance + Acrobatics + Hammock)
(ask for turn/availability & rules of use)
|Montañita touristic party town & Beach
(ask for turn & use policies & rules of use)
|Nearby beachs to Snorkel & Scuva Diving
Horse Stable + Galan Horse
( Horse riding upon request & rules of use)
|Bus Station  &Taxi Service
More photos of The Vivientes Acclimatation station Dos Mangas
Activities to do on the Vivientes Station