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Vivientes Experience allow to join on several

What you can learn?

Workshops Avaliable

Handicraft & Building related
tick_64-1  Paja Toquilla – Natural Straw: local history, processing and crochet
tick_64-1  Tagua – The “Vegetable ivory”:local history, processing and shape
tick_64-1  Bamboo – Sustainable construction: local history, processing and building

Forbidden Education & Creativity Labs
tick_64-1  Teaching through Art & Storytelling
tick_64-1  Local Culture as a tool for learning & inspiring :  dynamic Games
tick_64-1  Teaching with new media & augmented reality

Nature & Outdoors
tick_64-1  Organic Gardens & Medicinal Crops, how to do landscaping and be food sustainable.
tick_64-1  Ancestral & Organic Meals – History, Story and Cooking
 Zen & Art Meditation
tick_64-1  Horse Riding and Care *
tick_64-1  Snorkel & Fishing *

Recommended for foreigners – Add Ons
tick_64-1  Spanish as a second Language – immersion learning*
tick_64-1  Preparation to University enrollment (Initiating program)
tick_64-1  Applied knowledge – use your career to fulfill actual needs.
tick_64-1  Introduction to Research – For professional who want to think and do further

*Add Ons are for the Internship program, where you can select 2 workshops & 1 Add Ons
* Workshops marked with orange sign requiere an extra fee if want to do it as part of the  Internship program.

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