The Team


The project’s team is a group of diverse professionals and académics from different fields who combine and contribute in differents aspects and stages of the project.

The main characters are Nando Leon and Karen Gómez. Both of them develop the strategies and research for make this project possible.


Nando2Nando León

He have an internacional degree on Engineering and resource management. He wrote the “Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes” fundamentals.
That research inspire the creation of the Living centers.

He keep researching and being inspired in the nature and as a alternative for a natural and improved Way of living.



Karen Gómez
She have an international degree of Visual & Communication management an now studying Visual and Media Anthropology. She founded the Living centers and manage the international relations of the project.
As a descendant of Guancavilca’s culture she have a deeply involved on cultural research developing several projects and retreats.

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