Volunteer: for young travelers. Vivientes

Volunteer: for young travelers.

This is for budget opportunity travelers who want to get involved on an amazing adventure. You will help on diverse development areas, getting involved on the main needs of the projects and the locality. In some cases you can also be an assistant with a professor and intern research. No experience needed, just an attitude of willingness and enthusiasm.

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You can also Join the Volunteer PLUS+ program, that involve one to one training on diverse areas such as: Storytelling, ancient culture, Spanish, Bamboo craft, sports and more!
*The resource gather from this programs are used to build the Station on the community. MORE INFO BELOW or here

The Living proyect is always open to great people!

The volunteer position are open to people who has a talent and experience to share and contribute to the project and community. In comparison of the Internship opportunities, volunteers are asked to share knowledge and skills instead of being formerly teach, as we do with the internships intern.

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Typical areas of volunteer:

You will not only focus on one, also as the project grows, more areas are also open, below a short general list of the areas you can help with.

– Teach English through storytelling and games on the community
– Build with Bamboo and Wood (Artcraft and Regular constructions)


Use of virtual platform to promote the project and Rurrana products, Products developments labs. Also guerrilla and new wave of social marketing on the commune to promote good practices and principles.

Art / Designer : Develop products on Rurrana Workshop, as well of teach English on the Community. This will give you visual involvement with native ancestral culture and visual principles. A valuable principles for photographers, designers and artist.

Contruction : Building and maintenance of the stations with endemics materials like bamboo and earth building, highly recommended for Architect or Civil Engineer. This Internship will give you a wide knowledge of non conventional building technics. This volunteer requires physical effort.

Agriculture : Maintenance of Greenhouse Organic Production, as well as nutricional workshops for womans and youth. We have a wide of modern knowledge of nutricional balance and sport. Perfect internship for fitness, earth and nutrition lovers.

International Communication : English as Foreign Language for Children on the community.


Donation: $40 per week for  volunteer. This amount is  to cover expenses of your program

 Program Include:

  • Pickup from Montañita bus station to Dos Mangas Living Station
  • Accomodation on the tree camping house or Tent
  • Access to the  communitary Kitchen
  • Access to the Wood and Bamboo Workshop Rurrana
  • Access to Home GYM
  • Access to internet
  • Travel to the community for social work – deep into the mountains
  • Opportunity to practice and improve Spanish.
  • No Food Incluide

 Donation for Volunteer PLUS+ : $70 per week.  *The resource gather from this programs are used to build the Station on the community. 

Time recomended: two weeks.

This program include all above PLUS+:

  • Orientation and Support about local culture and social work.
  • Support on Wood/Bamboo crafting and Teaching Language.
  • Bikes for local transport.
  • Accomodation on the tree camping house
  • Specialized trainning on Storytelling, Art, Bamboo crafting.
  • Support to improve spanish.

Your donation also help with Logistic expenses of volunteer program. Any money excedent will be re-investment on a community project.

Remember the program is abolutely free for the commune members. If you believe in what we are doing, and want to be a part of it, please apply.

Are you a high skilled professional, check internships, it will suit you best.

Also check the join general page to learn more about different options and scholarships available.

If you are interested to be involved, write to us! karen@vivientes.org subjet: Living Volunteer.

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