Vivientes have differents areas of development,

on each area we offer a workshop to support the knowledge exchange and preservation.

The workshops are part of a big syllabus of the Living school, on which the Community children of the diverse affiliated communities can get access for free.

You as a Living Supporter help us to keep doing this by signing up, all the founding from any of Vivientes program are used to keep the project growing and working.

Workshops Avaliable

Handicraft & Building related
tick_64-1  Paja Toquilla – Natural Straw: local history, processing and crochet
tick_64-1  Tagua – The “Vegetable ivory”:local history, processing and shape
tick_64-1  Bamboo – Sustainable construction: local history, processing and building

Forbidden Education & Creativity Labs
tick_64-1  Teaching through Art & Storytelling
tick_64-1  Local Culture as a tool for learning & inspiring :  dynamic Games
tick_64-1  Teaching with new media & augmented reality

Nature & Outdoors
tick_64-1  Organic Gardens & Medicinal Crops, how to do landscaping and be food sustainable.
tick_64-1  Ancestral & Organic Meals – History, Story and Cooking
 Zen & Art Meditation
tick_64-1  Horse Riding and Care *
tick_64-1  Snorkel & Fishing *

Recommended for foreigners – Add Ons
tick_64-1  Spanish as a second Language – immersion learning*
tick_64-1  Preparation to University enrollment (Initiating program)
tick_64-1  Applied knowledge – use your career to fulfill actual needs.
tick_64-1  Introduction to Research – For professional who want to think and do further

*Add Ons are for the Internship program, where you can select 2 workshops & 1 Add Ons
* Workshops marked with orange sign requiere an extra fee if want to do it as part of the  Internship program.

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Project Contribution

Each workshop has two level : Level 1 (1 Day) –  introduction & overview,  Level 2 (2 Days) – deeply aplicación.

tick_64-1 1 Day Workshop, no overnight (not include accomodation) $60
tick_64-1 2 Day Workshop + 1 night on the camping tree house $100
* Lunch not included, but we will recommend lunchtime in community restaurant.  Prices go from $3 and up.

Ready to Join?


How is to do a Workshop with us?

See the example Schedule below

Paja Toquilla, natural Straw workshop 
Level 1: Visit the community, learn the process, history, tales and how to sew.
Level 2: Master 1 type of  Paja Toquilla Handicraft


9h00 am Pick -up from Montañita / Manglaralto : 9h00 am

Travel tour between communities with Paja Toquilla Facilities

Visit the Paja Toquilla Store and workshop
Lunch break – select your favorite commentary restaurant (food not included)

Natural Pool park

Sunset at the station viewpoint



Fireplace or night tales of ancestral local stories.
Sleep on the camping tree house

Learn how to do your own “Patacones”

Do the workshop on how to sew a purse with Toquilla straw.

Lunch break (food not included)

Beach/lake time

bye 😉