Join us

A Share , Learn & Help experience… 

… This unique program is not just about helping while you are here, it is about creating a contribution for the long term .

Involve in a foreign culture in a unique way while support the development of poor communities.


We love to share our values to everyone willing to help to de development of communities.  We have diverse programs with different levels of involvement and commitment. Some programs requiere an economic contribution in exchange of the time and energy we give to you to ensure you get the most of the experience. 

Being with us is not only about help the “poor” is about learning skills and ideas to contribute to your life.

—- You can ask special assistant on English navassa-island-flag uk-flags-icon-png-17 , Spanish  spain-flags-icon-png-29 and German flag_of_germany—-

Our Join oportunity programs

Write us and get a get more  deeply information about our programs for social and adventure travel
 Go to the specific program page for more information, or fill the form to get a direct mail from us.

Internship | Workshops | Participate

What are you waiting? 



Futher Question? Ask us now !

Also see below for more information about our programs

What you can learn with us 

Activities available on the Vivientes program

Art & Storytelling | Spanish lessons | Handicraft with local materials | Organic Gardens | Much more…


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captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-05-a-las-23-00-55   captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-05-a-las-23-01-01

2 thoughts on “Join us

  1. I had such a great week with Karen and Nando, I just wish I could have stayed for longer. I felt really at home in their little treehouse, which is so beautifully constructed and so cosy. All the other volunteers formed a real bond and we had a lot of fun cooking, working and talking together.

    The children at the school are so keen to learn and friendly, it´s really a pleasure to be there and I have felt my spanish improve so much! I would highly recommend volunteering here if you want to learn more about local issues in ecuador and make a difference. Thanks Karen and Nando!

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