¿How Vivientes get funding?

By our Share Principle, we don’t like to ask for donation, instead we prefer to give all travelers an opportunity to try a total different experience. that involve travel around different towns and communities, see hiding places and learn while contributing to poor communities.

Thanks to every intern a kid can get access to high quality education and experiences.

¿Who can join your program?

Anyone willing to help and learn a new way of living.

Volunteer participant most of the cases needs to have a profession or skill to apply successfully for a position.

Internships are open to anyone above 18+, this program is perfect if you want to live something new, you want to apply for a University carrear, or you are a professional and want to see other ways to apply your skills and refresh your mind.

Workshops are for travelers, that are eager to learn and have new experience while supponrting the community.

What makes Vivientes program so different?

Vivientes don’t only promotes to help and share with the communities, for us in important that our guest experience, enjoy and learn something valuable from your stay with us.

mmm, ok but exactly what makes you special?

Working with us is not about to working for the community, is sharing with the community.
You will be also attend to workshops to learn How to support the community while mastering some skill  [Check our workshop list] 
We will invite you to discover some hiding parks, beaches, and fun nature places that will not be accessible by a common tourist.
And finally but not least important, be will make  day-travels to the diverse communities we work with.

So to summarize, you get from us:
tick_64-1  The immersion experience with the community
tick_64-1  Help & Share activities to do for the development for the community
tick_64-1  Visit & enjoy with us of the awesome surroundings
tick_64-1  Workshops mixed with local knowledge and tools + scientific information. [list]
tick_64-1  Ride to different towns
tick_64-1  Accommodation and food* (vary on each program)

This program if we charge for all the services will cost over $1000 per week, but as we do this with social proposes we ask for the essential to cover cost and to keep the project working.

¿How can I join you?

We have three types of joining opportunities.
1.- Participant Volunteer: for 1 day to 1 week, we have few open calls during the year.
2.- Daily Workshops: For 1 or 2 days Learn about us and a new skills while supporting us.
3.- Internship: Gather both programs above, mixing volunteering, learning and exploring . One week of a full immersion program by our Share + Learn System. We host only  4 people  per month.

¿What have each program and what include?

The internship has everything, includes food (lunch & dinner), accommodation on the camping tree house,  2 workshops, travel between different communities and our stations for social-work, and a lot of fun visiting hiding places such as private beach and natural pools.

The Workshop include only 1 skill and travel around the area, you will meet some community members that are really cool people and enjoy a wonderful experience.

Participate / Volunteer is about helping us on a specific need, we can’t guarantee to travel between the communities or visit some touristic point. But you will enjoy the experience of meet us and ONE of our stations.

Difference Between Internship & Volunteering?

Internship programs are for everyone willing to learn from us. The program allows you to help the community while learning from the diverse workshops we offer. Internships requieres a fee that includes housing, half-food meal plan, workshops material & travel between different stations, communities and fun places. Internships also offer a certificate of joining the project. Your contribution also makes affordable travel to the 2nd Station in San Vicente Community, where is much more poverty and need more our contribution.
On the other hand Volunteers come to the “Acclimation station” only to fulfill an specific task, this means you will be selected due your skills, background and experience, the Volunteers don’t include trips and the exploring of the surroundings you will have to do it by your own. The Travel to the diverse points and to the San Vicente Community (where is the 2nd station and the school project) usually is not archivable.

¿There is a fee for the programs?

Yes! we ask for a specific contribution for each program that allows us to keep working.
For the volunteer program we have an optional joining fee, and the workshops and internship program has his own prices.

The Optional Volunteer fee is of $30
1 Day Workshop: $60
2 Day Workshop: $100
Intership Week: $250
– Info updated on dic 2016

¿I can stay longer than 1 week? .. maybe few months

As a Volunteer participant can join us for 1 day to 1 week  – the duration of the stay depends on the daily needs.
We can’t allow longer stays to give chance to other volunteers to learn from us.

As an Intern you are supporting contributing directly to the development of projects and activities. You can stay for 1 week and sign up for 1 week more.

The longer stays are for research projects, Researcher that has already going through the internship program can rent weekly and monthly stay.

¿How can I apply?

To learn more about our programs here

If you want to apply now here